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Today, I will talk about the Ping Rapture V2 fairway wood. As is known to all, this club is the result of Ping's focus on multi-metal technology in which the key properties of various materials are combined to optimize performance.


Its head has also been designed with a larger, shallow head profile to deliver added forgiveness and optimise performance in all conditions. The shallow face and wider sole of the large, stainless steel head ensures stability and forgiveness while producing a high trajectory. Its three-part construction combines the tungsten sole and stainless steel body with a plasma-welded, machined steel face to increase ball speed for greater distance.


The Rapture V2 fairway wood features a tungsten sole plate that constitutes 34% of the head's mass to position the centre of gravity for a higher launch angle and lower spin, which coupled with more loft (16 degrees) ensures the ball goes further with a more boring ball flight. The Ping Rapture V2  fairway also features the distinctive Double-Rapture alignment aid on the crown.


Concretely, it has the following features: 
1. Thin Crown Design Technology
Low stress areas are "thinned" resulting in four extra grams of discretionary weight that is redistributed into the tungsten alloy sole.
2. Thin, Machined Variable Face with Robotic Plasma Weld
Precisely machined, thin variable-thickness face leads to exceptional performance including higher ball speed. The Robotic Plasma Weld improves durability and saves weight, which is redistributed in the tungsten alloy sole.
3. New Dual Rapture Graphic Alignment Aid
New, visually appealing alignment aid will inspire additional confidence in your game by making sure you are aligned squarely to your target every time.


In addition, the Ping Rapture V2 fairway woods have a thin machined face and a wider sole. That extends the perimeter weighting, and the variable thickness face produces more ball speed and greater stability. it has also undergone a makeover with the internal weight pads in the sole replaced with a tungsten sole plate that constitutes a third of the head's mass.


To be frank, it will give you lots of confidence and forgiveness and although the lofts are slightly higher than normal, distance and trajectory are not affected. This is because modern golf balls spin less and we found these golf clubs a joy to hit and certainly the best fairway woods in any golf shop Ping have made to date.

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Review On Ping Rapture V2 fairway wood

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This article was published on 2010/12/25