Face Lift For The Lower Face

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The mini face lift is angled towards individuals who feel that the lower part of their faces may need some tightening. A more youthful appearance and a tighter neck and jaw line are the aims of this surgery. The chin and the lower mouth are also included in the operation but the degree of the surgery is dependent on the extent of the sag. Men and women who may have just entered the age bracket of fifty are the usual patients.

The Procedure

Incisions are made in the appropriate places to facilitate the tightening and the trimming of excess skin and tissue. The surgeon makes sure that these incisions are made in places where scars are less noticeable. These places are usually in creases and the actual jaw line while some are nearer to the ears and the hairline. After the cuts are made, the surgeon trims off the excess skin and tissue to create the more youthful look. The tightness of the face should be controlled because a windswept look can occur if too much skin and tissue is taken away.

The Recovery

The recovery period of the mini face lift is short and basically easy. After the surgery the doctor gives instructions and some prescriptions to help with the pain and discomfort that usually occurs after the operation. Medication to alleviate the pain is prescribed and some recommendations like cold compresses are recommended by the doctor. The instructions and prescription should be followed precisely in order to reduce the risk of complications. A few days rest is necessary for the patient to be able to return to work and do some light activities. Individuals who are recovering from the mini face lift should refrain from heavily touching the face for the first week especially the area which had undergone surgery.

Risks and Complications

Tests and screenings taken long before the operation can determine the possible risks that can take place during the mini face lift. Bleeding is not actually a big risk during the operation because the incisions are basically small and blood flow can be easily controlled. The previous tests and screenings can also show if the patient is prone to bleeding and may have some problem with blood clotting. An infection can happen if the prescribed antibacterial medication is not taken as directed. This is why it is important to follow the prescription dose and the times of taking the medication.
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Face Lift For The Lower Face

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This article was published on 2010/11/02